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Shipping & Returns

1, Shipping take about 5-7 days for delivery by EMS,DHL,MNC

2, Our website will email to your for tracking number after delivery your packages.

3, Usually we put within 10kg for each package that safe on customs. So we ship many different pack if you order up 10kg. and you can recevie these packages in some different days.

4, We delivery items to these country, you can see the shipping fee below:

Delivery by DHL

to KR,MY,TH,PH,SG,BN,TW,BE,NL,LU,IT,GE,FR,GB,SM,AT,DK,FI,PT,SE,CH,ES,GR,NO,BG,CY,LT,MT,SK,CZ,PL,RO,MX, Shipping costs 1KG=$32, 2KG=$45, 3KG=$58,4KG=$71, 5KG=$84, 6KG=$97, 7KG=$110, 8KG=$123, 9KG=$136, 10KG=$149, 11KG=$162, 12KG=$175, 13KG=$188, 14KG=$201, 15KG=$214

to JP,AU,NZ,ID,VN,PY,PK, Shipping costs 1KG=$34, 2KG=$47, 3KG=$61, 4KG=$74, 5KG=$87, 6KG=$100, 7KG=$113, 8KG=$126, 9KG=$139, 10KG=$152, 11KG=$165, 12KG=$178, 13KG=$191, 14KG=$204, 15KG=$217

to IN,CL,CR,DO,PE,AR,BR,JM,UY,PY, Shipping costs 1KG=$47, 2KG=$63, 3KG=$80, 4KG=$95, 5KG=$105, 6KG=$120, 7KG=$135, 8KG=$150, 9KG=$165, 10KG=$180, 11KG=$195, 12KG=$210, 13KG=$235, 14KG=$250, 15KG=$265

to US,CA, Shipping costs 1KG=$31, 2KG=$46, 3KG=$60, 4KG=$75, 5KG=$90, 6KG=$105, 7KG=$120, 8KG=$135, 9KG=$150, 10KG=$165, 11KG=$180, 12KG=$195, 13KG=$210, 14KG=$225, 15KG=$240

to TR,IR,IL,LB,SA,SY, Shipping costs 1KG=$38, 2KG=$50, 3KG=$62, 4KG=$74, 5KG=$86, 6KG=$98, 7KG=$110, 8KG=$122, 9KG=$134, 10KG=$156, 11KG=$168, 12KG=$180, 13KG=$192, 14KG=$214, 15KG=$226

to EG,VE,PY,PA,HN,DM, Shipping costs 1KG=$41, 2KG=$55, 3KG=$68, 4KG=$81, 5KG=$94, 6KG=$107, 7KG=$120, 8KG=$133, 9KG=$146, 10KG=$159, 11KG=$172, 12KG=$185, 13KG=$198, 14KG=$211, 15KG=$224


Delivery by EMS

to JP,KR,MY,SG,TH,VN,ID,PH, Shipping costs 1KG=$17.5, 2KG=$21, 3KG=$30, 4KG=$35, 5KG=$41.5, 6KG=$49, 7KG=$55.5, 8KG=$62, 9KG=$68, 10KG=$75, 11KG=$81, 12KG=$87, 13KG=$93, 14KG=$99, 15KG=$105

to AU,NZ, Shipping costs 1KG=$21, 2KG=$29, 3KG=$38, 4KG=$47, 5KG=$56, 6KG=$65, 7KG=$74, 8KG=$83, 9KG=$91.5, 10KG=$100, 11KG=$109, 12KG=$118, 13KG=$127, 14KG=$135.5, 15KG=$144.5

to AT,BE,DK,FI,FR,DE,GR,IE,LU,MT,NO,PT,ES,SE,GB,CH, Shipping costs 1KG=$28, 2KG=$40, 3KG=$52, 4KG=$63, 5KG=$74, 6KG=$85, 7KG=$96, 8KG=$106, 9KG=$116, 10KG=$126, 11KG=$136, 12KG=$146, 13KG=$156, 14KG=$166, 15KG=$176

to CA,US, Shipping costs 1KG=$28, 2KG=$40, 3KG=$48, 4KG=$60, 5KG=$72, 6KG=$83, 7KG=$94, 8KG=$104, 9KG=$114, 10KG=$124, 11KG=$134, 12KG=$144, 13KG=$154, 14KG=$164, 15KG=$174

to TR,PK,IN,BD,NP,LK,MM, Shipping costs 1KG=$32, 2KG=$47, 3KG=$61, 4KG=$75, 5KG=$89, 6KG=$103, 7KG=$117, 8KG=$121, 9KG=$135, 10KG=$149, 11KG=$163, 12KG=$177, 13KG=$191, 14KG=$205, 15KG=$219

to BR,CU,AR,CO,MX,VE,PE,PA, Shipping costs 1KG=$34, 2KG=$50, 3KG=$66, 4KG=$82, 5KG=$98, 6KG=$115, 7KG=$130, 8KG=$145, 9KG=$160, 10KG=$175, 11KG=$190, 12KG=$205, 13KG=$220, 14KG=$235, 15KG=$250

to CY,KW,IR,SY,KE,TN,AE,EG,SA,IL,CZ,RU,LV,EE,HU,PL,RO,UA,BG,HR, Shipping costs 1KG=$44, 2KG=$63, 3KG=$82, 4KG=$101, 5KG=$120, 6KG=$139, 7KG=$158, 8KG=$177, 9KG=$196, 10KG=$215, 11KG=$234, 12KG=$253, 13KG=$272, 14KG=$291, 15KG=$310


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